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An evocative fusion of Persian and Indian influences, Lalika offers a selection of striking and exotic designs. Lalika’s classic range of decorative wallpapers encompasses bold statement designs, including damasks, broad stripes, lavish flowing trails and a versatile strié plain.
The collection enjoys an appropriately opulent palette of colours, ranging from restrained, cool tones to vibrant jewel shades, which are subtly embellished with burnished metallics.

Featuring Tala, Kia, Neela, Susa, Azita and Nalini.

We also offer matching curtain fabrics.

Not forgetting the Wallpaper Adhesive, essential for ease of papering.

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10.00

Lalika Tala
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Lalika Kia
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Lalika Neela
Price £46.00 £36.80 
Lalika Susa
Price £46.00 £36.80 
Lalika Azita
Price £46.00 £36.80 
Lalika Nalini
Price £39.00 £31.20 

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