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Harlequin Fabrics

Harlequin Fabrics

Briant Curtaining offer a huge rangs of Harlequin Fabric's & Wall Coverings at great affordable prices. Harlequin offer a huge choice of elegant fabrics for curtains, blinds and soft furnishings from the UK's leading design and fabric houses our versatile range of fabric weaves and prints with complimentary wallcoverings that offer customers the whole spectrum to choose from and satisfy even the most demanding of tastes.



Now you can purchase your fabric from Briant's and let them make them up for you to your desired specification and sizes. We can then send your custom made curtains anywhere within the UK. Please email Briant's with your specification and we will do the rest.



Briant Curtaining Ltd are licensed retailers of Harlequin products.

Harlequin Bakari Willow Fabric
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Harlequin Bakari entwine
Price £59.00 £47.20 
Harlequin Bakari Willow Sheer
Price £45.00 £36.00 
Harlequin Bakari Flow
Price £49.00 £39.20 
Harlequin Bakari Pure
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Harlequin Iznik Kasuri
Price £62.00 £49.60 
Harlequin Iznik Ayla
Price £56.00 £44.80 
Harlequin Iznik Kara
Price £43.00 £34.40 
Harlequin Iznik Tabriz
Price £52.00 £41.60 
Harlequin Iznik Memi
Price £62.00 £49.60 
Harlequin Lalika Neela
Price £62.00 £49.60 
Harlequin Lalika Sophene
Price £43.00 £34.40 
Harlequin Lalika Suri
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Harlequin Lalika Amira
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Harlequin Misaki
Price £45.00 £36.00 
Harlequin Kashka
Price £33.00 £25.75 
Harlequin Kashka
Price £33.00 £27.00 
Harlequin Brighton
Price £30.00 £24.00 

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