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Clarissa Hulse is a bright star in the British textile world, uncompromising in her passion to deliver the ultimate combination of colour, print and texture. Her name has become synonymous with beautiful and luxurious home accessories, wallpapers and fabrics.

Clarissa has teamed up with Harlequin to produce Kallianthi, a breathtaking collection of fabrics and wallpapers with a botanical theme which encompasses her trademark style and distinctive handwriting.

Collection includes, Grasses, Demeter Sripe, Nettles, Beads, String of beads, Salvia, Potentilla, Rue Flower, Olea, Livadi and Persephone.

Dont forget to check out the matching wallcoverings

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10

 You can purchase your fabric on line and Briant's can make them up for you to your desired specification and sizes. We can then send your custom made curtains anywhere within the UK. Please email Briant's with your specification and we will do the rest.




Kallianthi Grasses Fabric
Price £72.00 £57.60 
Kallianthi Nettles Fabric
Price £40.00 £32.00 
Kallianthi Demeter Stripe Fabric
Price £50.00 £40.00 
Kallianthi Beads Fabric
Price £40.00 £32.00 
Kallianthi String of beads Fabric
Price £30.00 £24.00 
Kallianthi Salvia Fabric
Price £79.00 £63.20 
Kallianthi Livadi Fabric
Price £72.00 £57.60 
Kallianthi Persephone Fabric
Price £79.00 £63.20 
Kallianthi Potentilla Fabric
Price £72.00 £57.60 
Kallianthi Rue Flower Fabric
Price £59.00 £47.20 
Kallianthi Olea Fabric
Price £72.00 £57.60 

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