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Inspired by textile, wallpaper and ceramic designs of the 1930s and 1950s, Juniper is a very on-trend collection with a fresh airy feel to it.
The uninhibited prints and weaves, many of which are suitable for both drapes and upholstery, combine oversized seed heads, agapanthus, alliums, shadowy outlines of foliage and elegant stripes. The use of natural fibres – linen, silk and cotton mixes – adds to the vintage aura of the beautiful fabric designs.

The collection includes Nadina silk, Nadina, Gardenia, Kerria, Spirea, Corvini stripe, Blossom, Lucielle, Juniper plains, Betula, Formosa and Orletta.

Dont forget to check out the matching wallcoverings

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10

Now you can purchase your fabric and Briant's can make them up for you to your desired specification and sizes. We can then send your custom made curtains anywhere within the UK. Please email Briant's with your specification and we will do the rest.

Harlequin Anoushka Plains
Price £44.00 £35.20 
Harlequin Nadina
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Harlequin Nadina Silk
Price £64.00 £51.20 
Harlequin Gardenia
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Harlequin Kerria
Price £39.00 £31.20 
Harlequin Spirea
Price £62.00 £49.60 
Harlequin Corvini Stripe
Price £64.00 £51.20 
Harlequin Juniper Blossom
Price £64.00 £51.20 
Harlequin Lucielle
Price £45.00 £36.00 
Harlequin Juniper Plains
Price £33.00 £26.40 
Harlequin Betula
Price £59.00 £47.20 
Harlequin Formosa
Price £43.00 £34.40 
Harlequin Orletta
Price £49.00 £39.20 

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