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Impasto fabric is dramatic, uninhibited and vibrant, Impasto has been inspired by the free, painterly style and light-reflecting techniques of the Impressionist movement: its prints and weaves are breathtaking in their liberated designs and intensity of colour. To achieve such a strikingly individual, artistic effect, each design has been hand-painted, drawing heavily on rich painterly textures and colours. This technique has been beautifully and sympathetically interpreted onto shimmering silks, cottons and sumptuous eye-catching velvets and weaves.

The collection consists of 7 designs, Lisanne, Giverny, Sephora, Amoura, Calliope, Hermosa and Serne.

You can purchase your fabric on line and Briant's can make them up for you to your desired specification and sizes. We can then send your custom made curtains anywhere within the UK. Please email Briant's with your specification and we will do the rest.

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10

Impasto Lisanne
Price £44.00 £35.20 
Impasto Giverny
Price £44.00 £35.20 
Impasto Sephora
Price £74.00 £59.20 
Impasto Amoura
Price £74.00 £59.20 
Impasto Calliope
Price £48.00 £38.40 
Impasto Hermosa
Price £52.00 £41.60 
Impasto Serene
Price £52.00 £41.60 
Impasto Sencerre
Price £62.00 £49.60 
Impasto Mariposa
Price £58.00 £46.40 
Impasto Angelique
Price £64.00 £51.20 

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