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Folia is inspired by the distinctive style of 20th Century Scandinavian textiles, combining clarity of design with a profusion of delicious colour. Folia is breathtakingly vibrant, encompassing predominantly botanical motifs, which are uplifting, inspiring and a joy to behold.

Confident, colourful and clearly drawn, Folia’s designs depict a beguiling array of meandering leaf trails; floral motifs ranging from diminutive to dramatic; abundant plums, figs, pears and olives; and invigorating stripes in luscious colour combinations.

The collection consists of 9 designs, Irma, Flavia, Joelle, Orsina, Zosa, Sira, Lucerne, Verena and Josefa.

Also not forgetting a luxurious range of plain cotton velvets in a dazzling 53 shades.

Dont forget to check out the matching wallcoverings

You can purchase your fabric on line and Briant's can make them up for you to your desired specification and sizes. We can then send your custom made curtains anywhere within the UK. Please email Briant's with your specification and we will do the rest.

Delivery is free for orders over £100, under will be £10

Harlequin Folia Velvets
Price £50.00 £40.00 
Folia Irma
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Folia Flavia
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Folia Joelle
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Folia Orsina
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Folia Zosa
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Folia Sira
Price £38.00 £30.40 
Folia Lucerne
Price £43.00 £34.40 
Folia Verena
Price £49.00 £39.20 
Folia Josefa
Price £40.00 £32.00 

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